Efect Capital
Real Estate Investments and Property Management

We have been successfully operating in the market since 2002

Over the past 20 years

  • over 40 million euros were successfully invested by us and under our management
  • 10 apartment buildings were built and put into operation in Bucharest
  • 550 individual houses were built and sold in the suburbs of Bucharest
  • a completed investment project of 100 houses for rent
  • over 2000 grateful residents
  • No failed investments in 20 years

We are proud of our excellent reputation and the trust of our partners and investors
We are your reliable partner

Efect Capital is a business enterprise and, naturally, we aim to make it profitable. But that’s not all - we give our clients more than we ask for. Now, after 20 years of activity, we feel that we do not work for money, we work for the enjoyment – the joy of seeing the results of our work: completed projects, and satisfied investors and customers.

We are fair to our partners and customers, with the banks and with the country in which we operate. We don't try to make ourselves bigger than we are, we don't use graphic corrections, paid articles or reviews - just real information.

We believe in honesty - the foundation of our world view and our competitive advantage.

Our product is Real Estate Investments and Property Management.

Efect Capital is neither just a construction nor a simple development company. We have been successfully investing in real estate for 20 years. We continued to successfully invest during the 2008 financial crisis and the 2020-2022 COVID pandemic.

We have a unique approach, almost scientific, to investments. You can find out more about it here!

To sum up: we have learned to offer more than the customer would expect! The Efect Capital team and I are your reliable partner

Gavajuc Ghenadii


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